Equinox317 RuneScape Private Server

Here at Equinox317, the Player comes First.
We strive to bring the players a quality stress-free experience in which friends and memories can be made.

What is Equinox317?

Initially released in August of 2021, Equinox has seen wild successes and has grown to be one of the most content-packed Custom 317 RSPS' to date!
Even before the initial release, Equinox has had a goal of supplying players with a premium gameplay experience they won't find elsewhere. We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating a community and environment in which all players can build lasting friendships and make fun memories while enjoying a constantly-evolving palate of content! The community you will find here is unlike any other - Equinox is truly like a family.

Countless hours have gone into hand-crafting this experience to ensure it is as seamless and hitch-free as possible. Here are some of our features:

  • Wide Variety of Skilling and PvM Content
  • Custom Home Area
  • Community and Holiday Events
  • Custom Maps and Zones
  • World and Instance Bosses
  • Custom Weapons and Gear
Smite-Themed Custom Barrows
League of Legends Minigame
Yu-Gi-Oh Raids
Halloween Event with Pennywise

Updates, News, and Community Information

Here, you can keep up-to-date with the happenings of the Equinox317 Community!
Find our blog posts, update changelogs, and news posts all in one place!

October 31st - New Content Update

Enjoy new Best-in-Slot Gear on Equinox!

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October 25th - Legendary Donor Zone

The new Legendary Donor Zone update is here!

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October 22nd - Obsidian Donor Zone

The new Obsidian Donor Zone and QoL Fixes hit Equinox!

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Drop Rate Alterations, Bug Fixes, QoL Changes and More!

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Join the Void Knights in Combat with our Custom Pest Control Minigame and More!

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New Home Map and Interfaces, QoL Changes and More!

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Bug Fixes, QoL, Equipment Changes and Maniac Multi-Boss!

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Bug Fixes, QoL, Weapon Buffs and Bloodbag Conversion Update!

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New Battlepass Release, New Maniac Zone (Ahri), the Mini-Me Pet, Drop Table Changes and More!

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Our team

Risen Siren
Community Owner
Content Modeler

Risen Siren is one of the original founders of Equinox. Risen handles models for in-game content, and is responsible for our advertisements, server relations and overall server management.

Community Owner
Server Developer

Milo is one of the original founders of Equinox. His role is primarily as Owner and Developer. Milo handles the creation of new content, patches bugs and glitches, and provides quality-of-life enhancements.

Community Owner
Community Ambassador

Бен is an Owner of Equinox and is also the Community Ambassador. Бен is the line of communications between management and the players and staff team. Behind the scenes, Бен plays a more functional role as an organizational project manager.

Community Developer
IT and Security Specialist

Буткит handles the website, client, and web and game-server development, management, and deployment. Буткит also handles security and cybersecurity for Equinox, handling threat and vulnerability analysis.

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